We capture the Colours...  

We provide our Customers with colours of

olours that give a sense of... iberty,
olours that turn our Customer's... magination into reality,
olours that... lourish our Customer's business,
olours that are... conomical for our Customers.

We are innovative, aggressive, ethical, and a successful business family. We take personal initiative to satisfy our Customers. We will consider opportunities to expand through partnership and capture the world with our Colours.

Of the Rainbow...

We will stay in the business we know best - Colours. We focus our time, attention, and investment to be the leaders. We work united.

For you...

S"_"ccess cannot be spelt without "U". We will be the company of choice for Customers, Suppliers, Investors, and for our people. Our Customer Service is the foundation of our company. We treat our Suppliers the way we like our Customers to treat us. For our Investors, we will earn a fair, and consistent profit. For our people, we offer challenging and result-oriented jobs in an environment that respects and values their contributions.

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